Regenerative Therapy

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Regenerative Therapy, frequently referred to as “Stem Cell” therapy, is one of the most promising twenty-first century developments that shows great potential in all of the medical fields. Researchers and clinicians alike see this group of treatments as being a way to provide a higher quality of a drug-less, pain free, and longer life.

Once Stem Cells are injected into the body, they recognize the type and location of the damaged tissue. The cells migrate to the injured area and change into the type of cells that are needed. They also attract other cells in the body that will help with the healing process. Stem Cell therapy can help heal organs, muscle, tendons, ligaments, and even nerve coverings (for neuropathy).

When you start to understand how it works, it almost seems like a science fiction story line a writer would create! In reality, laboratories and the products they sell are very highly regulated product under FDA, (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), and are approved for use in repairing tissue. Whether you are one of the millions who suffer from constant or repeating episodes of joint pain, suffering from decreased organ function, or would like to improve your appearance, there is great news in the field of non-surgical treatment with regenerative medicine techniques.

We understand the life limiting effects of joint degeneration

At Integrated Pain Relief we understand the life limiting effects of joint degeneration and have several options to help you without drugs and their potential harmful side effects. When degenerative joint disease sets in, it is a progressive condition that can result in a dramatically reduced quality of life.

If Degenerative Diseases are not effectively treated early on in its progression, worsening function and disability is the result.

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Advantages of Regenerative Treatment vs. Surgery:

  • No hospital stays
  • No anesthesia worries
  • No post-operative pain killer drugs , like opioids, or anti-inflammatory drugs that can cause their own set of problems
  • No pain from surgical incision (s)
  • Virtually no risk of infection
  • No tissue rejections
  • No downtime, or long physical therapy treatments
  • Faster healing
  • Less expensive
  • Results in “New” tissue, not just surgically modified tissue
  • No metal or other artificial parts to react with, reject, or wear out

Types of Regenerative Treatments

Umbilical Allografts – Stem Cells

  • Found in the Wharton’s Jelly of the umbilical cords of healthy C-section mothers and their new born children
  • Also known as Mesenchymal stem cells or Messenger stem cells
  • They can transform into any type of cell in the body to replace injured areas
  • They produce small packets of molecules, (Exosomes), that can call on our bodies to send other cells or molecules such as growth factors and interferon to heal and prevent infection in the damaged area
  • The Wharton’s Jelly also contains the hyaluronic acid and other growth factors that promote cartilage regeneration
  • The allografts are powerful, sometimes improving a severely damaged joint with one treatment
  • Some providers promote Stem cell harvesting from the patient’s fat or bone marrow. At Integrated Pain Relief we do not recommend these sources because:
    • The Stem Cells from umbilical cord is “new”. The Stem Cells from out body are as old as we are, and they do lose some of their potency with age
    • Harvesting from bone marrow involves anesthesia and is quite expensive, (can be over $50,000 per procedure)
    • Infection is more common
    • Bleeding and tissue trauma reaction from fat harvesting is common since the number of stem cells in fat is greatly reduced resulting in larger samples of fat to produce results

PRP – Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy

  • Platelets are used to reduce inflammation, help heal an injury, and to stop bleeding
  • When cartilage is degenerative or injured, those cells send a signal that attracts platelets to start the healing and regeneration process
  • The patient’s blood is centrifuged with a special filter to separate platelets and plasma from other blood cells and are injected in the area of injury to get a maximum healing effect from a very large number of platelets
  • Two to three PRP injections are usually needed to work. In severe degeneration, more injections may be needed

Exosome Therapy

  • Exosomes, small packets of molecules produced by Stem Cells, can also be harvested from newborn umbilical cords
  • They can be combined with other cord extracts to magnify the healing effects mentioned above

These advanced procedures are performed at our clean and comfortable facility Denton at 400 N. Loop 288.  While at our facility our friendly staff can answer any questions you may have.

If you, or a loved one, suffer from degenerative joint pain anywhere in your body, call us today @ 940-566-3599.  Our goal is to help people live a higher quality, pain free, healthy life.  Why suffer from decreasing your activities during the years you are given?